Alarm Response

Alarm Response

If you or your colleagues are attending your premises for an alarm call, do you realize the risk to yourself and/or your staff? All Events Security Keyholding & Alarm Response can offer you a bespoke security solution, tailored to any of your requirements.

Our trained guards will respond to an alarm activation within 20 minutes. In line with ACPO guidelines. Our responsible guards are fully trained to search the premises and surrounding areas, taking notes and gathering information for your insurance purposes. In the event of criminal damage to the site or building, our responding security officer will liaise will emergency services or any other call out service that is required.

If there is damage to the site or building that we can repair ourselves without a boarding up service we will. Our team of alarm respondents can board and secure your premises once the area has been checked, saving time waiting for your contractor to arrive on site, avoiding a potential call out charge that is not necessary. 

As well as responding to emergency alarm activation, our keyholding guard can visit your premises on requested occasions. They will be available to stay at your premises for as long as necessary.

Our extra Key Holding services that may be of interest;

We are always getting new visiting requests from clients so feel free to ask us. We are more than happy to help you in any way we can no matter what it is. Call us on 0800 1216126 or 01325 480888