​Door Supervisors: What Makes a A Great One?

​Door Supervisors: What Makes a A Great One?

June 7th 2017

Door Supervisors are the gatekeepers to your venue or event. Here we discuss what to look out for in your Door Supervisors...

Calm Manner

A Door Supervisor does deal with conflict and sometimes violent members of the public - but ultimately it's a calm manner, patience and professionalism that can diffuse difficult situations.

The majority of a Door Supervisors' interactions are with non-troublesome customers too, so it's vital that they are approachable and polite when they are representing your company.


It's essential that Door Supervisors have attended SIA Training and hold a valid SIA Licence!

Fit and Healthy

Door Supervisors are in constant contact with the public so they need to be well and not passing on germs or illness! Door Supervisors may need to physically assert themselves so keeping strong and healthy helps maintain a confident and dedicated presence.

Knowledge of Law

It is useful for Door Supervisors to have a working knowledge of civil and criminal law, in order for them to use the correct proceedure when a law is broken and to ensure they themselves do not break the law. It also helps in the unfortunate circumstance that they may have to call the police and/or make an arrest.

Knowledge of Health and Safety, and Emergency Procedures

Door Supervisors need to be aware of Health and Safety regulations in the areas where they work. The should also know the emergency plan, as in the event of an emergency they may be required to conduct first aid or escort members of the public to safety etc.

Good Powers of Observation

Great Door Supervisors have excellent powers of observation. They can spot potential problems either with individuals or with an unusual or suspicious situation. Early identification of potential problems allows tensions to be diffused and difficulties to be averted before conflict or violence occurs.


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