Polite Security is an Essential

Polite Security is an Essential

April 4th 2017

Planning an Event? Need Security Staff?

If you are planning an event and you need security staff, door supervisors, or event stewards, then remember that these people will be on the ground working with your customers. Their attitude and their approach to the job will reflect on you and your event.

That is why, here at All Events Security we recruit staff with experience of customer care. Our door supervisors and event stewards will treat your customers politely and courteously.

At large events the public often look to the security staff as an authority. They are highly visible and stationed across your site. This leads to them being asked questions about the event, about access regulations and also more general questions such as directions to locations within or outside the event site.

We recognise this as an additional role for any security service provider and we are proud to have recieved testimonials like the one below for our outstanding service in this area.

"This was a unique event, taking over an entire village, closing the roads and controlling public access in and out in order to create a beautiful, atmospheric public art installation. A.E.S handles this environment with great sensitivity and provided a body of staff that were responsive to changing circumstances and always dealt with the public calmly and politely.

The feedback from the public both during and post event has been exceptionally positive and the villagers themselves showed huge appreciation for the way the whole event was sensitive to their home environment - so much so that many have told us they wish were still there and that they miss the traffic free roads and beautiful lighting." - Jon Linstrum, Magnetic Events