​Top Tips for Hiring a Security Company

​Top Tips for Hiring a Security Company

May 15th 2017

With 1000 things on your todo list you don't need to prioritise event security, right? Wrong!

Safety and event security should be integral to your planning.

But don't worry, just follow our simple steps to a smooth running event:

Step One:

Consider your security needs - is your event large or small, will it involve vehicle management needs, how may visitors are you expecting, are they adults, children, will they be consuming alcohol etc?

Gathering information on your needs helps you when you move to step two.

Step Two:

Research security organisations. Ask for recommendations. Visit their websites and consider the range of services they supply. Would they cover your requirements? Don't forget to look at reviews and/or ask for reviews from recent customers.

Step Three:

Check accreditations and licenses. You should ensure that the company you choose and their staff are fully qualified to provde the security services you are employing them for. This includes things like SIA licenses for staff as well as DBS checks and First Aid qualifications.

Step Four:

Choose a security services provider. Keeping good communication with the security team will be essential before, during and after your event so ensure you choose a company you can work closely with. Remember that their team will be on the front line with your customers/the public so it is essential that every is approachable, polite and courteous.

Step Five:

Work with your chosen company to produce a safety management plan for the event. Make sure you communicate everything about your event, from complexities at the venue to possible positioning of event stewards. Keep channels of communication open as your event plans may change (due to weather etc.) and the safety plan will need to change accordingly.

Step Six:

Enjoy your event without any safety or security worries.


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