Boarding Up Service

Boarding Up Service

All Events Security provide North East emergency boarding up services to both commercial and residential properties. To Board up windows with timber is still the fastest way to secure a property following damage by accident, vandalism or fire. Boarding up property with wooden boarding provides the cheapest solution for immediate security.

Although not as secure as steel boarding, timber security boards provide a solid deterrent to would be squatters on the lookout for vacant properties. We stock a range of timber thicknesses to enable us to provide an efficient, professional boarding up service for any property. All our timber is cut on site to the exact dimension of your compromised door or windows to ensure a perfect fit, serving to protect your premises against the elements as well as would be criminals.

When you are looking to board up a house perhaps in preparation for demolition, or are boarding up doors whilst building works are carried out, our security boarding is sure to fit the bill. Our skilled team of security experts will arrive on site and swiftly ensure your property boarding is installed in a professional and timely manner.

If you are looking for emergency boarding up services to cover temporary glazing damage, All Events Security are just one telephone call away. From our own experience emergency boarding up really is best left to the professionals; not only to we carry a range of timber thicknesses in stock all ready to go, we have the skills required to install your temporary wooden boarding safely and professionally to ensure it remains safely in place for as long as necessary.

Give us a call for a free tailored quote or any advice you may need on 0800 1216126 or 01325 480888