Darlington Markets


To whom it may concern,

During the Darlington markets that went on at the times of 6th December to the 9th December, While doing some mystery shopping we managed to spot your company who were doing security on these markets and observed a tremendous effort that your employees were giving to the public, If im correct we found that there were 3 staff during the day time who were on all week and doing surprisingly long hours, despite all of the staff that worked there I must say 2 of the staff really stood out and gave a exceptionally great impression, We could only manage to grab there coat numbers which were S10 (Orange Coat) and 21 (Yellow Coat), These both were being helpful throughout the week, with assisting, giving general information and also directions. We also had a brief conversations with some of the store holders down there and just gave positive feedback and some quotations which we will be happy to list at the end of this letter. We hope to you see your company around shortly and keep up the great work.

'very helpful and constantly had a presence on the area'

'never stopped smiling'

'great knowledge of the area'

'made the markets that much more cheerful'

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year,

Customer Service Spotter Team.

Customer Service Spotter Team